He had been watching her impassively as the torrent of indignation poured out of her, but by the end of the tirade his eyebrows had gathered in a puzzled frown. “Do I know you?” he asked. 

“No, I don’t know you at all!” she said emphatically. Well, it was perfectly true. She didn’t know him. He was not her Luke! Nor did she want to know him, the ungrateful oaf! 


Desperately unhappy, Lannie returns to the small Free State mining town where she grew up and which she left ten years previously. There, against her better judgement, she becomes embroiled in the tangled affairs of the man whom she has loved since childhood, and whose beautiful wife has mysteriously disappeared.

Trying to come to terms with past hurts and present dilemmas, Lannie comes face to face with the God who had bitterly disappointed her and whom she has steadfastly rejected.