It was heartbreaking to say goodbye. He stood looking down at Ginny. She was frozen. He carefully refrained from touching her.

   “Ginny, I’m not going to give up on us. I love you, and I love Robin, and more than anything else I’ve ever wanted, I want my family together. I am going to fight for you. We belong together.”

  • A young woman bound by the wounds of the past…
  • The man she left behind, bitter and betrayed by a lie…
  • A little boy, trusting that the Lord Jesus will give him the daddy he asked for…

A chance encounter forces Ginny Maxwell and David Carrington to face the mistakes and misunderstandings of the past. It leads each of them on a different journey to discovering the grace and mercy of a loving Saviour, and the freedom of forgiveness.

Set in the beautiful landscapes of Cape Town, the Karoo and the Kruger National Park, A Lily among Thorns is a story about love and loss, faith and forgiveness.